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Why register as a member?

Well, we have been around since 1985 and this is THE Club if you are a serious Matchbox or Dinky collector.  


Being a Member gives you access to our unique Databases of all variations in the Regular Wheels and Superfast catalogues and we are currently working hard to add Models of Yesteryear and Dinky!! Within the database you can catalogue your own collection, make your own notes and uploading your own photos Рgiving you an on-line catalogue you can access at any time.


As a member you can also be able to view and download the Club E-Magazine which is published quarterly with all the news you need to know.


We have a Swap Shop area where Members can upload the models they are looking for – what a great way to get to know each other and find something you’re after!!


Within the shop you will receive discounts when checking out making collecting models more cost effective.


And of course we would love to see you at the next Convention which is in April 2014.


Why register as a Member? For £15 per year subscription fee, why not?


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